Dec. 1st - B Street 104  Greencastle, PA  6pm-9pm

Dec. 2nd - Wiliiam Jeffrey's Tavern  Arlington, VA  9:30pm-12:30am

Dec. 3rd - Bleu Frog Vineyards  Leesburg, VA  1pm-4pm

Dec. 4th - Hoffman's  Hagerstown, MD  11:30am-2pm

Dec. 8th - Prohibition Hub  Hagerstown, MD  7pm-10pm

Dec. 9th - Lakehouse Distilling Co.  Waynesboro, PA  7pm-9pm

Dec. 10th - Coast Taco  Hagerstown, MD  6pm-9pm

Dec. 11th - Blue Mountain  Winery  Funkstown, MD  1pm-4pm

Dec. 16th - Quincy's  Gaithersburg, MD  9pm-12am

Dec. 17th - Quincy's  Potomac, MD  7pm-10pm

Dec. 18th - Fleetwood Farm Winery  Leesburg, VA  1:30pm-4:30pm

Dec. 23rd - Captain Bender's  Sharpsburg, MD 8pm-11pm

Dec. 30th - White Horse Tavern  Harper's  Ferry, WV  6pm-9pm

Dec. 31th - Breaux Vineyards   Purcellville, VA  2pm-5pm

Jason Teach's Tunes and Tour


Nov. 3rd - B Street 104  Greencastle, PA 6pm-9pm
Nov. 4th - Lakehouse Distilling Co.  Wanyesboro, PA 7pm-9pm
Nov. 5th - Cool Ridge Vineyard  Hagerstown, MD 2pm-4pm
Nov. 6th - Hoffman's  Hagerstown, MD  11:30am-2pm
Nov. 11th - Open Road  Falls Church, VA  7pm-10pm
Nov. 12th - Linganore Winery  Mt. Airy, MD 1pm-4pm
Nov. 13th - Breaux Vineyards  Purcellville, VA  2pm-5pm
Nov. 18th - Amani Brewery  Martinsburg, WV  5pm-8pm
Nov. 19th - Stonebridge Pizzeria  Funkstown, MD  8pm-11pm
Nov. 20th - Blue Mountain Winery  Funkstown, MD 1pm-4pm
Nov. 25th - Ragtime Restaurant  Arlington, VA  10pm-1:30am
Nov. 26th - Coast Taco  Hagerstown, MD  6pm-9pm
Nov. 27th - Stone Tower Winery  Leesburg, VA 1pm-4pm

Somethin' Good's Comin'...

Insanity : Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein